Bernard Sustainable experts provide a range of environmental compliance support services to all business sectors from industrial and manufacturing, through healthcare and institutional.  As part of our core environmental compliance services, we conduct regulatory environmental compliance audits to review an organization’s operations and conditions with a comparison to environmental regulatory requirements.

With extensive and in-depth knowledge, Bernard Sustainable professionals help organizations to effectively comply with complex regulations, such as NEPA, WRA, KSAC, MOH and more.   We can help prepare the necessary documentation for permit and license applications including the verification of organizations documentation to verify requirements have been met. 


  • NEPA, MOH & WRA Environmental Compliance Approvals
  • Environmental Licenses & Permits
  • Beach Licenses
  • Planning & Subdivision Applications
  • Air Pollution Discharge License
  • Effluent Compliance
  • KSAC & Parish Council Approvals
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Closure Plans, Emergency Response Plans, Spill Management Plans